Start a new day with MyMoodCoach!

The app helps you to learn more about your own patterns of emotion in your daily life.

You track your daily emotions and your mood for a few minutes each day over several weeks to learn your most frequent emotions and what influences your moods, such as what you are doing, who you are with, where you are.


Some users (at random, by chance) are also offered strategies proven to increase emotional understanding, confidence and optimism, and to reduce worry, so we can test if they improve well-being in an app. These strategies have been proven to be effective in face-to-face and internet studies but have not yet been tested on an app.


The app WILL NOT ACCESS any of your private information under any circumstances (including contacts, location, texts, web-use, messages). You can find out more about our data protection and privacy policy through our dedicated page here.

This is a non-commercial research app built on a relatively small budget to track emotions and provide scientifically based self-help. The app is in ongoing development - please provide feedback so we can further improve.

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