Date 24.06.21. Recruitment to the ECoWeB trial from the UK has now closed.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who applied and has joined us. 1200 people from the UK have joined our research trial, and another 2400 plus from across Europe.

We will add our results to this site in a years time when we have finished following everyone up, and analysed our results.

UK Recruitment Closed

How It Works

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1. Get Started 

Fill in the 30-minute questionnaires to measure your wellbeing & emotional skills & check if the study is right for you.


Only 16-22 year olds, living in UK, Spain, Germany, who have never had clinical depression, psychosis or  mania can now take part. If you live in the UK and have had depression in the past, but are not struggling at the moment then we have an alternative study you might be interested in. Go to to find out more!

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2. Use the App

After the questionnaires, if you join the study, you will get an email from Monsenso, who power the app, so you can sign in to the app. You can then load it from GooglePlay or the app Store: to access it you need your phone to use at least IOS 9 or Android version 8.0.

Keep using the app for at least 28 days to learn what makes you happy and sad, and to build your emotional skills & wellbeing.

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3. Rewards

You can earn up to £60: £10 for each follow-up you complete (we'll send email links at 1 month, 3 months, 1 year) and up to £30 for using the app!

This is to thank you for helping us to learn about emotions and what helps young people. Telling us your experience will help others!