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MyMoodCoach Trial, ECoWeB Study, Sir Henry Wellcome Centre for Mood Disorders Research, University of Exeter, Devon EX4 4QG

UK Contact:


I am Dr Lexy Newbold from the University of Exeter. I am the main contact person for the UK. If you have questions or queries about the trial then contact me on 07890384247, or email me at mymoodcoach@exeter.ac.uk. I am available Monday to Thursday from 10 until 4pm.

Chief Investigator:


Professor Ed Watkins  from the University of Exeter is in charge of and responsible for the ECoWeB trial. If you have a query about the funding or management of the trial, or any complaint about any aspect of the research you can email e.r.watkins@exeter.ac.uk

If you have a query, do message us on the contact details above or you can send a message below:



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